“Strong, powerful, meaningful. I want to thank you again on behalf of all commanders. You left us with many issues to think about”. G, the sea force. 

“My husband got back from your lecture with a punch in his stomach. Thank you, Shani!”. S, the air force. 

“Good evening, Shani. I just got home from your lecture. I’m sure it’s not easy, what you do. Just wanted to thank you again for your amazing words”. K, the air force. 

“What you do on stage – every person in the world! must hear!”. K, HR recruiter. 

“Shani, I was present at your lecture yesterday. Thank you for the most fascinating lecture I’ve heard”. L, soldier. 

* Over a hundred keynote speaker events in public & private sectors

* Addressed small groups and also audiences of 2,000 people

* Founder & Executive Director of a sexual assault victims NGO

* Personally supported & guided hundreds of sexual assault victims

* Based in Israel, a former high school home-room and English teacher for 15 years

* Numerous appearances in Israeli’s Parliament and Presidents House

* Participated in dozens of TV, radio and newspaper interviews and articles

* Initiated & led a variety of creative media campaigns

* Twice on the cover of Israel’s leading magazine

“We were all silently roaring with you. Thank you for a rare! night”. Y, Cesarea center lecture. 

“Shani, one of my soldiers came to tell me it was the best lecture he has ever heard. Everyone keeps talking about it”. A, the air force. 

“Hi Shani, I attended your lecture in Intel last week, I simply can’t thank you enough. We are still talking about it”. S, Intel. 

“I can’t begin expressing what I feel after you left, what my soldiers feel, how many of them shared their stories. Thank you so much!”. Y, commander, north base. 

“Shani, you were at my school this morning and I just want to thank you for the strength. I just told my mom for the first time what happened to me”. L, 17, student. 

“I had to write you as a woman and as a mom. Thank you! You made me feel strengthened. Frightened, but strengthened. and I know now how important it is to take to my kids”. A, commander, air force. 

“Finally! a woman who talks about it and doesn’t hate men. Thank you”! A, Haifa. 

“I’ve never heard anyone talk the way do about this difficult topic”! G, south base commander. 

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